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It was obvious that he and 2baba were close friends because the interview stopped for a few minutes as 2baba and Basket Mouth exchanged pleasantries, “My brother make we continue, Bright Okpocha na my brother,” 2baba said after he was done. Check out the latest Naija news and stay informed with gistoftheday.com — your trustful news, 138, Iju Road, Fagba, Lagos. listeners: [], “I titled it ‘International Edition’ because after the first one flopped so-to-speak, I still wanted to make a statement. Without that success at a material time which heralded the birth of contemporary Nigerian pop, things might have been different for this legend. +2349035204117 The album is one of the few Nigerian albums to be sold successfully at a retail price of 1000 Naira. ); The legendary artist who now goes by 2baba Idibia rejects the ‘comeback’ tag, “I never left, I nor know where dem see am. Jun 29, 2020 - Legendary singer, Innocent Idibia also known as 2Baba, has revealed how he made music history with his 2010 album, The Unstoppable: International Edition by selling the CDs for N1000 which had never been done in the Nigerian music industry Unstoppable International Edition is the fourth studio album by 2Baba, the album was a remake of his third studio album, “Unstoppable”. I was shocked when I heard that rumour… But that was also the last time Mikel and I saw each other…”, While 2baba has fun memories about the MTV Africa Music Awards in 2010, he was crowd surfing when he infamously yelled, “Easy, easy…”, Describing what led to that, he says, “O boy, some things miss for my body before I reach stage back (laughs hard). Na flop (laughs) compared to my previous albums and my own bar. Plus 100,000 AM/FM radio stations featuring music, news, and local sports talk. E tight pass some other people own, but I don’t think it was well-received nor did it have the desired impact. It contains the following songs: Cover art for 'Unstoppable (International Edition)' by 2Baba).' I was evolving at the time and the album contained my truths. He is one of the most decorated and successful Afro pop artists in Africa, and is also one of the most bankable performing music artistes in Africa. “The way wey una hear am, na so me sef hear am (laughs). But if nobody do the work, na free hand you dey o. Dem go chop you…”. na the bomb, 2baba all d way,have been waiting for this album, am tired of all the song around,listen to 2baba with a distinct voice dat every artist want to feature. Listen to 2Baba Radio featuring songs from Unstoppable free online. That then affected the music and ‘The Unstoppable.’, “However, I think neither the coverage of my life by the media and its perception it made people have of me nor the reception ‘The Unstoppable' got was fair.”, As he adjusts to sit properly with a face mask on he says, “I get am o and I understand am, but it wasn’t really fair when you think about it. 2Baba can boast, he did what most people couldn't. 2Baba is one of the most awarded and widely recognised Nigerian artistes and he used to go by the stage name 2Face Idibia, 2Face or TuFace. The media didn’t even properly report that I released an album. In April of the same year, he also fathered his second child, Ehi Idibia with Pero Adeniyi. It was around that time that I said to myself that, “If we wan make CD, make we kuku package am.””. He says, “We titled it ‘The Unstoppable’ because I wanted to send a message that they could not stop me and that I was moving at a pace that nobody could control. ‘Enter The Place’ was released in the final weeks of 2008 and its video on January 15, 2009. But the negative press truly began in 2004, with the release of the Cobhams-assisted Faze debut, Faze Alone. The International Edition contained eight new tracks and also produced two hits, ‘Only Me’ and ‘Implication’ despite selling for N1,000 per copy. On October 4, 2007, he got shot by robbers on his way back from collecting his MOBO Award for Best African Act in London. It was the moment Nigerians realized that 2face Idibia was not going anywhere. The Ascension has been quite Unstoppable, truly Away & Beyond. It’s only the legend that can Rewind, Select and Update his songs and still make them relevant. Released on June 27 2010, the album was a commercial success and it was highly praised by critics and fans. His career began in Lagos in the late '90s as a member of the popular hip-hop/R&B trio, Plantashun Boiz alongside bandmates Faze and Blackface Naija. His song, ‘Power of Naija’ was also a soundtrack for the 2010 World Cup for a brand. The 44-year-old, who was formerly known by the stage name, 2Face Idibia, stated this on Saturday, 2Baba Legendary singer, Innocent Idibia also known as 2Baba, has revealed how he made music history with his 2010 album, The Unstoppable: International Edition by selling the CDs for N1000 which had never been done in the Nigerian music industry.

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