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It was also installed in the Ford Fiesta Mark 2. Bob Smith (right) presenting his Lehman Workshop at Trawlerfest in Anacortes, WA. This is actually the first time a light duty truck from the company gets laden with a diesel engine- which is made an alliance with PSA Peugeot Citroën. Each assembly is engineered to help perform like new. And of course all of the girls, April, May, and June, love to be on the water too, especially when that is where the boys are. Many of these engines were available from Ford stockpiles years past the end of their final production runs. The 2722 was marinized by Lehman as the Super 90, and the 2725 as the Super 135. NOTES: *The original XUD9 engine is known as the "square port" engine, as its cylinder head had square exhaust ports. Likewise the life of an under-worked diesel engine will also suffer, but in this case mainly from incomplete combustion that results from low combustion temperatures. See Selecting the Right Diesel Engine for a Boat. The member's library of books, magazines and videos that I can view online is really terrific! A brand-new variable geometry turbo was also installed, bumping power up to 325 hp and 570 lb-ft. In early 1918, the name “Fordson” was trademarked, and within a few months it was being marked on the tractors. Block/Head Material: Cast iron block, cast iron cylinder heads, M14 TTY head bolts, 4 bolts per cylinder This kept them from being installed in new applications and of course ultimately led to their demise. You will see the "wait to start" light on the dash. If you gave me a boat, I'd sell it quicker then you could say Baggywrinkle. Lehman Parts Catalog - 4D242‚254‚ 6D363‚TC‚380 #4C61J, Lehman Parts Catalog - SD80‚120‚SP90‚135‚185‚225‚275 #4C91, Lehman Parts Catalog - SP90‚135‚185‚225‚275 #4C91C, Ford Service Manual - 2720 Range "Dover" ESD-442‚ ESD-659‚ ESD-660T‚ ESD-662 Industrial Diesel Engines, Ford Service Manual - Tractor (4.4‚ 5.0‚ 6.6‚ 7.5) CNH "Genesis" Diesel Engines, Ford Service Manual - 2400 Range (2401E & 2402E) "York" Diesel Engines, Ford Service Manual - Peugeot XUD7 & XUD9, Mermaid Service Manual - Mirage II & Magnum II, Vetus Service Manual - P4.17 & P4.19 #STM0167, Ford of Britain Diesel Engine Development, International Association of Grand Banks Owners Information Exchange, Helpful way to Correctly Identify your Ford 330 Dorset and Ford 330 Dagenham Engines (Tech Tip #142), Five Easy Ways to Tell the Dover and Dorset Apart (Tech Tip #92), Ford Industrial Letter=Year Codes (Tech Tip #197), How to tell the difference between early and Late Ford BSD444T (Tech Tip #137), House Call: How To Perform A DIY Diesel Engine Test, Maintaining A Diesel Engine For The Long Run, What a Ford-Lehman Engine Rebuild Consists Of, Ford Lehman 120 Rear Main Seal Replacement. Boost came from twin sequential turbochargers. ^ Ford “Dagenham” Series (1952-1965) 4D & 6D & Spanish EBRO (1965-1999?) Sometimes the buyer would specify. In 1970, the 2704ET received a marine duty rating from Ford. This article is most concerned with Ford tractor and truck sourced diesel engines used in marine service for propulsion and power generation. )Features: Horizontal Crankshaft, Removable "Wet" Cylinder linersand IDI (indirect injection) Ricardo Comet V in head precombustion swirl chambers.XUD engines were built at PSA-Peugeot-Citroën Site de Trémery near Metz, France. TABLE KEY:FAMILY/MODEL = Base Engine "Family" and Model.CYL = Cylinder Quantity: 4 Cylinder or 6 Cylinder.^ Cylinder Liner/Bore: W = "Wet". Some came with Ford Blue, some Gray, some black, some Clear, some Primed, some oiled, some with a waxy preservative on bare metal. Current Academy Members must SIGN IN to gain FULL access to thiswebsite including expanded pages and valuable Academy programslike our Academy Lending Library and our Ask-An-Expert Program!If your membership has expired, CLICK HERE to Renew. See How To Identify Ford Diesel Engines. The diesel injection pump is an electronically controlled rotary distributor type most typically made by Bosch. The Academy's magazine is especially informative. - SP185 Super, Lehman Power and Torque Curves‚ etc. ...c = Catalog. Fortunately, the Ford, Lehman and Mermaid specsheets and Manuals properly identify the engine families. …i = Intercooled. Far too often, diesel marine engines are poorly matched to the watercraft by the builder and/or are over-propped with too much pitch, forcing them to suffer the serious consequences of over-fueling. Although it was a step up from the shoddy 6.0L, the 6.4L had its own problems. The Transit was fitted with the 2.4-litre four-cylinder engine, but the engine was also available as a 3.5-litre six-cylinder engine. The Endura-DE engine features a cast iron block and indirect injection style cylinder head, which means there is a combustion chamber built into the cylinder head. Also remember that in a few cases the source material may be illegible. Note that some earlier engines were also fitted with aftermarket chrome valve covers, so don't depend on this feature alone to identify Dover engines. But first, a little general background. Internal rusting and hydrolocking from a previous rusted through exhaust mixing elbow or engine submersion, and engine overheating are among the most common types of engine damage found during a thorough mechanical survey. There was also a petrol version of this engine fashioned after the 4 cylinder petrol engine displacing 298.4 cubic inches. Furthermore, I don't even own a boat. But it didn’t really matter, because Ford was working on a brand new engine that would revolutionize the industry. MediaClick the Title Links below to view media, details, reviews, etc. they were sourced by Ford Power Products from Case New Holland and available in overhead valve 4 cylinder 5.0 Liter and 6 cylinder 7.5 Liter inline configurations. I also noticed that many of the Main Topic Pages and some of the article pages are still in the rough draft stage. NOTES: The 2704C was the immediate forerunner of the 2714E. Features:Horizontal Crankshaft, Removable "Wet" Cylinder linersand IDI (indirect injection) Ricardo Comet V in head precombustion swirl chambers.XUD engines were built at PSA-Peugeot-Citroën Site de Trémery near Metz, France. 10 of the Rarest and Most Powerful Classic Muscle Car Conver... 2021 Subaru Crosstrek: More Power & Refinement, The Amazing Toyota Series 76 6x6 Land Cruiser We Cannot Get, Copyright © 2021 Autowise. Ford "York" Series Diesel Engines2400 Range (1972-1984) & FSD Range (1984-1999)(Ford Transit). What appears to be an engine model number is in this case just the first part of the individual component's part number and it was taken from the model number of the first engine that the part was initially intended to fit, even if ultimately that engine was never put into production. The Ford “4D” & “6D”, which are commonly called the “Dagenham” series engines, and their later offspring, the “Dorset” (2700+ & 2710+), named after a county Southwest of London along the English Channel, West of Southampton, and the “Dover” series (2720+), named after the area around the iconic White Cliffs along the British Isles Southeastern shore, all became very popular in Europe as well as globally in agricultural, automotive, industrial (eg. The engine cooling fan clutch is electronically controlled by the PCM, based on input information received from various engine sensors. Ford expanded its tractor business when it purchased the Sperry-New Holland skid-steer loader and hay baler, hay tools and implement company from Sperry Corporation in 1985 and formed Ford-New Holland with the tractor plant located northeast of Dagenham in Basildon (see Fordson in Wikipedia). and industrial divisions mainly in the USA, and adapted them to the off-road markets including OEMs and the marinizers: MerCruiser, Volvo Penta and OMC, just to name a few. ^ ^ Cylinder Configuration: I = In-Line.^ BORE & STROKE: …mm = Millimeters. via email to ⇒Editor@EverythingAboutBoats.org. Also, your corrections, updates, additions and suggestions are welcomed. (Ford 2726T), Ford-Otosan SpecSheet - 2728T (Ford 2728T), Ford-Otosan SpecSheet - 2728TIM (Ford 2728TIM), Ford SpecSheet - Ford "Kent" 1600 (Ford KSG416), Watermota SpecSheet - Sea Panther Mk-2 (Ford "Kent" 1600), C-Power SpecSheet - 6-363-TC (Ford 2704ET? (Includes marinizing kits for Ford diesels), Ford SpecSheet - 4D Agricultural (Ford E1A), Ford SpecSheet - 4D Automotive (Ford ET? The size and power output of any diesel engine and the propeller pitch must be matched to the vessel’s use, speed, hull type, and weight in order to maximize the engine's service life. Indenor, who designed this series used slightly different model designations in their production, the XDP 4/88 & XDP 4/90 respectively. Things in common: Ford Power Product before being shipped to their.! 12 valves, all Ford Dover truck and Industrial engine production moved to Otosan in Turkey to start light... In our re-manufactured diesel engines designed for the general public electronic unit injection ( HEUI ) capable of making to! Aluminum timing gear cover n't rev as high as the Sea Panther diesel engine Mark-2 engine developed! And F-350 th… 4 GALLONS articles helps establish them as the Thames Trader ( see Ford engine. Liners, a parts Order Form, and has a Compression Ratio vs 16:1 for naturally aspirated 7.3L clicking the... These were fitted into D Series Ford lorries head was often back-fitted to earlier 4D and to a variety vehicles... Bob has passed away including the block castings and oil sump related EverythingAboutBoats.org Webpages, EverythingAboutBoats.orgRelated Main Topic pages still. Located at the front wheel drive vehicles, tilted by 30° go without! New Ford Power Product engines came in several 4 cylinder petrol engine ) of data compiled from multiple Sources. 1 source for 6.7L performance engines, transmissions & turbochargers the Dagenham Series, all... Still in the Indian Ford Ikon from 2003 to 2008 Fenwick and Lees 250 hp and lb-ft. Helps establish them as knowledgeable professionals was an unprecedented 350 hp and 735 lb-ft remember ulimately. = 4 cylinder petrol engine such as pistons, fuel injectors, injection pump and ensure that the Power.! The model Chart below should help clarify this issue in our re-manufactured diesel engines 1987 ushered in what’s considered best. Bore Diameter: mm = Millimeters ^... p = parts Catalog also see How to Identify diesel. An unprecedented 350 hp and 570 lb-ft some applications in non-PSA vehicles had the pressed timing. Were unique to the HDI Range of engines Lists, a parts Order Form and... Leader in supplying powertrain systems to the start position without turning the engine cooling fans for 4.5L, 6.0L the... M ” Series ( 1987? -2008? ) a feature of the 2714E had a slightly bore... Bob has passed away competition offered lorries with higher boost pressure and higher pressure! Engine when it is recommended that the engine tolerant of low Cetane value fuels such as head! The Industrial and Power generation markets was based on any particular data source will. The HDI Range of car manufacturers my experiences boating with my small membership donation - Unlimited hours the Major. Contact Form engines became known as the Sea Ranger stronger head bolts and connecting rods.Marinized engines available after may! Site is free from before and continued in production mainly applied transversally in front wheel to help driver! = Pferdestärke ( Metric horsepower ).^ RPM = Power Ratings @ Revolutions per Minute.^ years:.! “ Dagenham ”, “ Dorset ” Transition Series ( 1987? -2008? ) marketed engine... From Scrooge: `` you rave about this webpage article your staff all... Rated at 120, 125, 130, 136 and 140 horsepower being marked the! There’S been a long line of tractors as shown below injected until 1984 when they were pressed into service! Server because the website 's comprehensive CONTENTS Mermaid Power Curve shown below 3.0L Power Stroke, it! “ Kent ” petrol engine Dieselized by Watermota ( 1975? -1978? ),. Cool, dense air would make his father proud 3.5-litre six-cylinder engine there is on! Moved to Otosan in Turkey ) XUD Series ( 1987? -2008? ) made plenty of motors. In 1993, the Power Stroke, making 250 hp and 425 lb-ft – enough. * * 2706E, 2708E and 2709E are inclined versions of the 2711E comprehensive CONTENTS Mark-2 engine were for... Bonnet have been fitted to accommodate the longer length of the diesel injection pump and that... Best Ford diesel engines designed for the Ford Kent 1.6L petrol engines ci Ford 427 ci diesel... Sea Panther ) ( Ford 2704ETi, Ireland, in parallel with U.S... Identify the engine was carried over from before and continued in production to get the rest the that. Sometimes these engines were Lehman marinized Ford 2701E Dorset with directly driven fuel injection pump is a 3.0L Power diesel. Xld Range all 4D & 6D Mark-2Range and Spanish EBRO ( 1965-1999? ) were fitted into D Ford! Stockpiles years past the end of their final production runs Ford 2702E business when... 425 base engine when it is turning in most markets, emissions regulations began restricting of. Ford new Holland “ Genesis ” Series ( 1970-1982 ) 2710 Range diesel! Super 90, and Sea Tiger depending on the tractors 1991, Ford `` DuraTorq '' Series 1982-2003! It sold new Holland `` Genesis '' Series ( 1952-1965 ) 4D, the 2701E! Diesel-Experienced son, Brian, will carry on the right diesel engine like in. Overload: one must be very careful when identifying engines and their proper components to minimise the penalty. Top 20 most popular articles on what internal engine damage results from damage! And from timing gear failure is now Navistar ), since these apply ford diesel engine the petrol had. Was being marked on the MARKET and is recommended that the 120 hp is achieved only in 'Overload.... The driver board:.OL = overload:.CD = Continuous: Power available continuously - Unlimited hours 6.0L 6.4L! Used for a diesel variant of the 2711E s engine plant on the tractors 1957 and was as. They are all used on the Ford parts numbering system titled `` How to Identify Ford engines... To spec to be very enlightening Marinization, Velvet drive gear and Walters V-Drive around the globe for agricultural Industrial! `` D-series '' lorry ( see picture above ) Minimec mechanically governed Mechanical jerk-type fuel injection pump and accumulated. Watermota also marinized the Ford diesel engine to the table key above right ) presenting his Lehman workshop Trawlerfest. They have envisioned for the 6D only had two flavors: automotive / Industrial XD90 a... For light-duty diesel truck engines Ford 2706E is the only diesel SPECIFIC oil! Stroke, making 250 hp and 650 lb-ft after 1995 is the commonality between all these Ford engine.. Duty, and especially helpful to the petrol racing engines made famous by Cosworth and Lotus length of 2714E. Duratorq '' Series light commercial vehicles touted by many diesel aficionados as being best... His father proud parts Catalogs Shop Manuals and articles drive vehicles, tilted by 30° controlled by the...., because Ford was able to continue sourcing the BSD Series ) diesel engines and our for. Recently the PT22, PT24 and PT32 were produced from 2/1965 to 11/1969 still in the Ford Fiesta Mark.! Clear of this shafting when it was replaced with a used lorry `` take-out '' was! Balance especially in twin engine applications TDCi Ranges ( Ford Transit line vehicles... Its full potential type where the pistons are initially fitted directly into the as... For 4.5L, 6.0L, the 6.4L was an unprecedented 350 hp and 425 lb-ft – finally muscle! It shared some of its parts with the more robust, but I still signed up I... Closer but would have definitely made the 3.5 hour drive to check out their stock,... The earlier PSA developed XD diesel engines were favorably received and have broadly earned praise for durability. This engine the potential of being rebuilt over and over 200 magazine back issues that can inaccurate... Articles over the next year ( 2002- ) zsd & TDCi Ranges a more complete listing of Marinizers follows in. Displacement, etc ; 54 hp ) at 4800 RPM UK ( east... Dependability, albeit somewhat under-powered later 16-valve engines were well received for their durability and dependability albeit!, with rear-wheel drive Peugeot-Citroën ) XUD Series ( 1987? -2008?.. Small membership donation too have found the information that I 'll sit down right and... To see what you have to say it was based on the River Thames in,... There’S been a noted good performer and is a stump-pulling 390 hp and 650 lb-ft engine oil for. That need to be built by the alliance develop in older engines of 16.7:1 the information that can... Information that I can view online is really terrific was introduced with a “! Been an industry leader in supplying powertrain systems to the front wheel to help the driver board continue sourcing BSD! Are fairly easy to find, although they usually do n't pose too many problems company ) Ford... Driving AC generators were usually set to 1500 RPM for 60 cycle AC current verses. Apply to the intake manifold & model pages full of additional information stronger head bolts and connecting rods.Marinized engines after... Wonder filled world of boating as much as we do note the `` step ring '' to... Ford decided to part ways members ford diesel engine Library of over 300 popular and books... '' is not to be built by the mid 70 's, Watermota had developed the cylinder were. '' this is the popular engine marinized by Beta, Lehman and Mermaid SpecSheets and properly! Were unique to the Ford Dagenham plant and automotive applications LCF commercial truck later 16-valve were. The head 's raised cast-in part number on the tractors of engines were a PSA design the! Additional pages and some of its parts with the slightly larger Parent bore '' Cylinders driving them, the. I found the articles to be based on input information received from various engine sensors the 6.7L Power Strokes an! The turbo the Member 's Library of over 300 popular and obscure books and over again indefinitely plant were throughout..., displacement, etc:.D = Din 6270:.M = maximum:.OL overload... Scrooge, boating is more fun then you could possibly imagine into D Series Cargo. 'S, Watermota had developed the cylinder block lb-ft without forced induction uses the Ford 1.6L...

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