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Barbara Minerva[src] Doctor Barbara Minerva, also known as Cheetah1, is an American geologist, gemologist, lithologist, and cryptozoologist who managed to briefly obtain superhuman cheetah-based powers through Max Lord's ability to take what he wants from those … Goals. Origin New 52 Minerva. Cheetah (DC Extended Universe) Full Name. The Cheetah is the name of four villains in the DC Universe, although the current Cheetah, Barbara Ann Minerva, is the best-known version of the character. DC Comics. The first two, Priscilla Rich and her niece, Deborah Domaine, have no superhuman abilities to speak of. Origin. The original Cheetah appeared in Wonder Woman #6 in 1943, making her one of Diana’s earliest foes. I want to be number one. Wonder Woman: 1984. Barbara Ann Minerva. Aliases. Cheetah (Minerva) Real Name: Barbara Ann Minerva First Appearance: Wonder Woman Volume 2, #7 (August, 1987) Powers: Cheetah possesses superhuman strength, speed, and agility. But this period superhero film makes a few key changes to the origin of Cheetah, one that strays from the comics. There have been four main incarnations of Cheetah in DC's comics. If you have any query regarding the post, then feel free to write us in the contact us section. The origin of Cheetah (Kristin Wiig) in the DCEU could be directly caused by Maxwell Lord (Pedro Pascal) in Wonder Woman 1984.The highly-anticipated sequel will move the titular heroine to the 1980s for a conflict with Cheetah and Maxwell Lord, who are both major villains in DC Comics. Here's how Wonder Woman 1984 reimagines Cheetah in a new way for the DC … She is one of the three archenemies of Wonder Woman (the others are Ares and Circe) and the secondary antagonist of the Wonder Woman franchise. ... Cheetah in DC Legends. So lets see if her origin story remains similar to this or will be changed in the movie. The two before her were Priscilla Rich and Deborah Domaine. ... Cheetah's Origin … So, this was a brief origin of Barbara Minerva's 'Cheetah' from the comics point of view. We will also get to see her in DC's upcoming movie 'Wonder Woman 84’. Dr. Barbara Minerva, alias Cheetah is a British archaeologist who had garnered a reputation to go to any lengths to secure an artifact. Cheetah was a genetically-modified human, scientist and criminal in order to get funding for her research. Befriend Diana (abandoned) Become better than Wonder Woman at all costs and defeat her (failed) Hobbies. The Cheetah. "I don't want to be like anyone anymore. Trying to … Although it may have been a "soft" reboot for the rest of the DC universe, for Cheetah this change in continuity brought with it drastic changes to her origins. Barbara Ann Minerva is the third character to become Cheetah. Affiliation: Suicide Squad, Legion of Doom Did You Know? Villain Description. The most recent update to Cheetah's origin came with the DC Rebirth soft reboot of the DC comic book continuity. This Minerva had grown up with a total fascination for myths and legends. An apex predator, like nothing there's ever been before."

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